PHI CD 170: Robert Radford Basso Profondo Recorded 1909-1927
All one gets from plaguey daughters. (Bach, arr. C. Sanford Terry). Maidens all are stubborn creatures. (Bach, arr. C. Sanford Terry.) Ye twice ten hundred Deities. (Purcell). The Star.......Now Phoebus sinketh in the West. (Arne).
Thus saith the Lord....But who may abide. (Handel). Arm, arm, ye brave. (Handel). I rage, I melt, I burn......O ruddier than the cherry. (Handel). The Lord is a Man of War. (Handel). Honour and Arms. (Handel). Rolling in foaming billows. (Haydn). Lord God of Abraham. (Mendelssohn). It is enough. (Mendelssohn). When a maiden takes your fancy. (Mozart).
Ah! My pretty brace of fellows. (Mozart). Sound, sound the trumpet. (Bellini). With Peter Dawson, bass-baritone.
Piff, paff. (Meyerbeer). The Porter Song. (Flotow). When that I was and a tiny boy. (Nicolai).
I hate all things that do not bring me joy......If to rule I were elected. (Borodin).
The Armourer's Song. (De Koven). I love this fear.......Rage, thou angry storm. (Benedict).
The Sergeant's Song. (Holst). Four Jolly Sailormen. (German).

Faust (Gounod):

[1] Be mine the delight. With John Harrison, tenor, and piano.
Rec. 1908, mat. no. 2223f; HMV D 300 [3.33]
[2] The Calf of Gold. With orchestra.
Rec. July 1914, mat. no. Ak18124e; Zonophone GO 15 [3.37]
[3] Caterina, while you play at sleeping. With orchestra/George W. Bing.
Rec. 8/12/19, mat. no. Ho5418ae; HMV E 196 [2.48]
The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart):
[4] I'll have vengeance. With orchestra/Percy Pitt.
Rec. 20/2/18, mat. no. Ho3087af; HMV D 115 [3.05]
The Magic Flute (Mozart):
[5] O hear us, Isis and Osiris. With orchestra.
Rec. 13/6/16, mat. no. Ho 2862ab; HMV E 78 [3.06]
[6] Who treads the path of duty. With orchestra/Kennedy Russell.
Rec. 15/7/14, mat. no. Ho569c; HMV D 258 [4.11]
The Twilight of the Gods (Wagner):
[7] Hagen's watch. With Symphony Orchestra/ Percy Pitt.
Rec. 29/6/22, mat. no. Cc1586-1; HMV D 704 [4.04]
[8] Hagen summons the vassals. With Symphony Orchestra/Albert Coates.
Rec. 25/5/24, mat. no. Cc4636-2, Cc4637-1; HMV D 930 [8.35]
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg (Wagner):
[9] Pogner's address. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 27/8/23, mat. no. Cc3255-3; HMV D 747 [3.51]
[10] Sachs's elder monologue. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 11/7/23, mat. no. Cc3254-2; HMV D 750 [4.26]

[11] Good day, my master. With Florence Austral, soprano, Doris Lemon, contralto,
Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 15/9/23, mat. no. Cc3312-3; HMV D 750 [4.38]
[12] Sachs cobbles and sings. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 26/4/23, mat. no. Cc2896-2; HMV D 751 [4.21]
[13] Sachs's folly monologue. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 15/7/23, mat. no. Cc3285-1; HMV D 753 [4.30]
[14] Sachs's panegyric. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 18/12/22, mat. no. Cc2242; HMV D 758 [4.37]
The Valkyrie (Wagner):
[15] Wotan warns Brünnhilde. With Florence Austral, soprano, Symphony
Orchestra/Eugène Goossens. Rec. 11/12/22, mat. no. Cc2254-3; HMV D 680 [4.22]
[16] Where is Brünnhilde? With Beatrice Miranda, soprano, Symphony
Orchestra/Albert Coates. Rec. 6/6/24, mat. no. Cc4706-2; HMV D 929
Wotan's sentence. With Gladys Ancrum, soprano, Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates. Rec. 25/5/24, mat. no. Cc4634-1; HMV D 929 [8.57]
The Prisoner of Edinburgh (Federico Ricci):
[17] Standing by the mizzen mast. With Orchestra/ George W. Bing.
Rec. 23/11/20, mat. no. Ho4643af; HMV D 530 [3.40]

Released 25/3/04

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Dr. John E. Barker

Tully Potter, author of the article about Radford and editor of Classic Record Collector, expresses his thanks to: Ruth Edge of EMI Archives, Lewis Foreman, Lawrence Holdridge and Derek Pain

Transferred from 78 rpm records and restoration of recordings by Roger Beardsley
Produced by Martin Monkman, Amphion Recordings