PHI CD 192: Organ Music of Samuel Wesley Volume One
Francis Jackson - organ
performed on the historic 1787 Samuel Green Chamber Organ
St Mary the Virgin Church, Edith Weston, Rutland

[1] Andante Maestoso in D (IV) Twelve Short Pieces for Organ
[2] G [3] G [4] G [5] A minor [6] A minor [7] A minor [8] A minor [9] F [10] F [11] F [12] D [13] D [14] D
[15]-[16] Voluntary & Fugue in D minor [17] A melody Voluntary (Harding) in B flat: [18] Spirited [19] Moderately Slow [20] Lively
[21] Old English Melody in F Voluntary (Linley) in G minor:
[22] Largo [23] Moderato [24] Scraps for the organ No. 3 in G [25] Scraps for the organ No.4 in E flat Voluntary (Harding) in E minor:
[26] Slow [27] Chearful not brisk in E major [28] God save the King Variations in D (1820) Encore:
[29] Jig from Georgian Suite for Organ by Francis Jackson (b.1917) [30]-[37] Stop demonstration by Francis Jackson TOTAL PLAYING TIME: 75.34

Recorded 11 & 12 November 2002, St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Edith Weston, Rutland, England
Recorded & produced by Martin Monkman, Amphion Recordings, who also acted as console assistant

Thanks are express to the Rector, Rev'd Brian Nicholls & church wardens for permitting these recordings.

Accommodation & hospitality was kindly provided by Ken & Jill Orrell of Edith Weston.

The organ in St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church was built by Samuel Green of London in 1787 for an unknown residence in the capital. Green is credited with having been an organ builder to George III. In 1842 the organ was sold to the Rev. C.H. Lucas who was vicar of the church and transported by rail to Edith Weston where it was at first placed in the Edith Weston Hall. The brass plate on the organ bears the inscription: This organ is presented to the inhabitants of Edith Weston by Richard Lucus, 1867. The present swell front is presumed to be a replacement by Porrit of Leicester dating from 1873. In 1971 an electric blower was installed and in 1981 the organ was restored by M. Goetze and D. Gwynne.

Released 6/5/03