Faust (Gounod):

[1] Be mine the delight. With John Harrison, tenor, and piano.
Rec. 1908, mat. no. 2223f; HMV D 300 [3.33]
[2] The Calf of Gold. With orchestra.
Rec. July 1914, mat. no. Ak18124e; Zonophone GO 15 [3.37]
[3] Caterina, while you play at sleeping. With orchestra/George W. Bing.
Rec. 8/12/19, mat. no. Ho5418ae; HMV E 196 [2.48]
The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart):
[4] I'll have vengeance. With orchestra/Percy Pitt.
Rec. 20/2/18, mat. no. Ho3087af; HMV D 115 [3.05]
The Magic Flute (Mozart):
[5] O hear us, Isis and Osiris. With orchestra.
Rec. 13/6/16, mat. no. Ho 2862ab; HMV E 78 [3.06]
[6] Who treads the path of duty. With orchestra/Kennedy Russell.
Rec. 15/7/14, mat. no. Ho569c; HMV D 258 [4.11]
The Twilight of the Gods (Wagner):
[7] Hagen's watch. With Symphony Orchestra/ Percy Pitt.
Rec. 29/6/22, mat. no. Cc1586-1; HMV D 704 [4.04]
[8] Hagen summons the vassals. With Symphony Orchestra/Albert Coates.
Rec. 25/5/24, mat. no. Cc4636-2, Cc4637-1; HMV D 930 [8.35]
The Mastersingers of Nuremberg (Wagner):
[9] Pogner's address. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 27/8/23, mat. no. Cc3255-3; HMV D 747 [3.51]
[10] Sachs's elder monologue. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 11/7/23, mat. no. Cc3254-2; HMV D 750 [4.26]

[11] Good day, my master. With Florence Austral, soprano, Doris Lemon, contralto,
Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 15/9/23, mat. no. Cc3312-3; HMV D 750 [4.38]
[12] Sachs cobbles and sings. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 26/4/23, mat. no. Cc2896-2; HMV D 751 [4.21]
[13] Sachs's folly monologue. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 15/7/23, mat. no. Cc3285-1; HMV D 753 [4.30]
[14] Sachs's panegyric. With Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates.
Rec. 18/12/22, mat. no. Cc2242; HMV D 758 [4.37]
The Valkyrie (Wagner):
[15] Wotan warns Brünnhilde. With Florence Austral, soprano, Symphony
Orchestra/Eugène Goossens. Rec. 11/12/22, mat. no. Cc2254-3; HMV D 680 [4.22]
[16] Where is Brünnhilde? With Beatrice Miranda, soprano, Symphony
Orchestra/Albert Coates. Rec. 6/6/24, mat. no. Cc4706-2; HMV D 929
Wotan's sentence. With Gladys Ancrum, soprano, Symphony Orchestra/ Albert Coates. Rec. 25/5/24, mat. no. Cc4634-1; HMV D 929 [8.57]
The Prisoner of Edinburgh (Federico Ricci):
[17] Standing by the mizzen mast. With Orchestra/ George W. Bing.
Rec. 23/11/20, mat. no. Ho4643af; HMV D 530 [3.40]

Released 25/3/04

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Dr. John E. Barker

Tully Potter, author of the article about Radford and editor of Classic Record Collector, expresses his thanks to: Ruth Edge of EMI Archives, Lewis Foreman, Lawrence Holdridge and Derek Pain

Transferred from 78 rpm records and restoration of recordings by Roger Beardsley
Produced by Martin Monkman, Amphion Recordings