PHI CD 177: The Land of the Mountain and the Flood
Roger Fisher - organ Reid Memorial Church Edinburgh
Alfred Hollins (1865-1942)
[1] Concert Overture in C minor
Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
[2] Chanson de Nuit
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
[3] Passacaglia in C minor BWV582
John Magnus Black (1930-1998)
[4] Sarabande
Percy Whitlock (1903-1946)
[5] Fantasie Choral no 2 in F sharp minor
Louis Vierne (1870-1937)
[6] Naïades
Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916)
[7] Overture: The Land of the Mountain and the Flood
Ronald Binge (1910-1979)
[8] Elizabethan Serenade
Alfred Hollins
[9] Concert Rondo in B flat

‘A perfect match of player, organ & repertoire’ BBC Radio 3 Record Review

The Organ
The organ was built in 1933 by Rushworth & Dreaper of Liverpool, to a specification drawn up by Alfred Hollins, and represents the best of British romantic organ-building at that time. Typically of Hollins, there is no Choir division, a generous orchestral Solo organ occupying the third manual instead. The organ is housed in a spacious chamber on the first floor level of the tower, on the north-east side of the chancel; there is no casework, and the instrument speaks clearly through grilles into both the nave and chancel. Fortunately, the organ has escaped any attempts to rebuild it, and the only major work since its installation has been the renewal of the electric action and the installation of a capture system, carried out in 1998 by Rushworth & Dreaper. It remains, therefore, a testimony to Hollins' skill as an organ designer, and is one of the only instruments of its kind left in the UK (the Caird Hall in Dundee being another). The organ has a unique blend of sound, and the reeds are particularly fine; listeners will note how often the Solo French Horn is used during this recording! In accordance with the practise of the time, there is a gradual increase in volume towards the treble end of the pipework, thus allowing a melody to carry more effectively.