Subject: Martin Monkman, Organist and Musician
Amphion Recordings, Norton Lodge, Norton - Juxta Malton

a specialist organ, choral and historic recording company established 1984

Painted by
John Creighton
Renny Garth, Appleton-le-Moors, York, YO62 6TE, England

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Martin Monkman is a native of the parish of Huttons Ambo near Malton.  He comes from a well established local family who are mainly farmers or teachers.  He was fortunate to grow up at Westerdale Farm, Huttons Ambo, were his father Ted, and Mother Gwen farmed.

Martin was educated at local state schools until 1972 when he was sent to board at Ashville College, Harrogate.
There he came across many very fine teachers including the artist John B. Nellist and Godfrey J. Barton, the schools Director of Music 1956-1980.

Mr Barton [1920-1986] was the first real musician that Martin had ever encountered and G.J.B.'s influence remains an important factor in Martin's musically motivation.

Before leaving Ashville College in 1979 to work on his fathers farm for four years, he was already involved in making music locally as an organist and choirmaster, these activities Martin continues to enjoy to this day.

After giving up farming in 1983 he started to give music lessons, mainly piano and organ.

In 1984 Martin established Amphion Recordings, and has made many recordings with Dr Francis Jackson C.B.E. [born 1917] former Organist of York Minster 1946-1982.

Martin has also had the joy of working with, and recording some of the nations other outstanding musicians.

As a player he likes to think of himself as a 'musical organist'.