Royal Choral Society/Royal Albert Hall Orch.
Recorded Royal Albert Hall Cond. H. L. Balfour R. Arnold Grier - organ

[1] Lift up your heads (Handel)
The Philharmonic Choir Cond. C. Kennedy Scott
George Thalben-Ball - organ Recorded Queens Hall

[2] Psalm 148 (Holst) [3] Evening hymn (Gardiner)
Handel Festival Choir 12 June 1926 Crystal Palace Orch. Rec. Crystal Palace
Walter G. Hedgcock - organ (3,500 performers) Cond. Sir Henry J Wood

[4] Behold the Lamb of God (Handel) - Postlude omitted
Nonconformist Choir Union Festival 26 June 1926, 2,620 voices with the
Festival Orch & Organ. Cond. Frank Idle F.R.A.M. Rec. Crystal Palace
Walter G. Hedgcock - organ

[5] Sing Alleluia Forth (Eric H Thiman)
[6] Hallelujah Amen - Judas Maccabeus (Handel)
Leeds Festival Choir Cond. Albert Coates St John's Wood Church, London
[7] Mater Ora Filium (Arnold Bax) Rec. 28/10/25.
Leeds Festival Choir London Symphony Orch. & Organ
Recorded Leeds Town Hall Cond. Sir Hugh Allen

[8] Et Resurrexit (Beethoven Mass in D) Rec. 5/10/28.
Sheffield Choir Directed by Sir Henry Coward
[9] I am Alpha (Stainer) with organ, Wesley's Chapel, London
Rec. 31/12/27.
[10] Hail Bright Abode (Wagner) with orch/organ Rec. 25/5/26.
60 selected voices from the Leeds Festival Choir 1907 & Orchestra
Rec. City Road Studios, London Cond. Mr H.A. Fricker F.R.C.O. of Leeds

[11] And the glory of the Lord (Handel)
The Leeds Festival Choir with the London Philharmonic Orch.
Directed by Sir Thomas Beecham October 1934 Rec. Leeds Town Hall

[12] Prince Igor (Borodin) Choral Dance No.17. Polovtsienne
[13] Mass in G Minor (Mozart) KV.427 - Qui Tollis.
The New Symphony Orchestra & Royal Choral Soc. with organ
Recorded Royal Albert Hall, London Cond. Malcolm Sargent

[14] Blessed are the men who fear Him Elijah (Mendelssohn)
Rec.20/10/28. H.M.V. - C. 1669.
[15] Thanks be to God Elijah (Mendelssohn)
Keith Falkner - soloist Rec. 20/10/28.
[16] Amen Chorus (Handel) Royal Albert Hall Orchestra with organ
Rec. 2/4/26.
This is the first in a series of CDs called The British Choral Tradition, the series to start with will concentrate on recordings from the first half of the twentieth century. The second CD in the series will be Beecham's 1927 Messiah, and the third devoted to cathedral choirs of the 1920s & 1930s, these will be issued in the summer of 2003. If anyone has any recordings or photographs which may be of interest for this series please do contact me. Martin Monkman, Amphion Recordings.

RELEASED 25/10/02

Sir Thomas Beecham & Sir Malcolm Sargent

PHI CD 183: British Choral Tradition Volume Two - Choirs Royal - Choral Music from the 1937 Coronation and the Choir of St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Recorded 1926 - 1933

Choral Music from the 1937 Coronation of Their
Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth
[1] I was glad (Hubert Parry) (Entrance of the King & Queen)
[2] Let my Prayer come up (Edward Bairstow) (Communion Introit)
[3] Zadok the Priest (Handel), introduced by Rev. F.A. Iremonger
[4] Confortare: Be strong and play the Man (Walford Davies)
[5] O Praise God in His Holiness (George Dyson)
choral.html [6] Thou will keep him (S.S. Wesley)
[7] O hearken Thou (William H. Harris)
[8] Gloria in Excelsis in B flat (Charles Stanford)
[9] Festival Te Deum in F Major founded on traditional tunes (Vaughan Williams)

[1] to [9] recorded live Westminster Abbey, London, 12 May 1937.
Taken from H.M.V. special commemorative 78 r.p.m. record album of the actual service: H.M.V. RG 1-15. H.M.V. had a direct line from the B.B.C. radio broadcast of the service.
Controllers of B.B.C. broadcast: S.J. de Lotbinière (Director outside Broadcasts) &
R.H. Wood (Engineer in Charge of Outside Broadcasts - London Area).

The Choir of St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Recorded 1926 - 1933

Directed by Walford Davies, Dr. William. H. Harris & Revd. Dr. Edmund H. Fellows
[10] Glorious and Powerful God (Charles V. Stanford) 9303. Rec. 8/7/27
[11] Magnificat & [12] Nunc Dimittis in G (Stanford) Rec.7/12/26
[13] Easter Processional - O filii et filiae (arr. Walford Davies) Rec.9/10/31
[14] O Saviour of the World (Goss) Rec. 7/12/26
[15] Hosanna to the Son of David (Orlando Gibbons) Rec. 8/12/26
[16] O thou the central orb (Charles Wood) Rec. 9/10/31
[17] O strength and Stay (Bourgeois arr. W.H. Harris) Rec. 4/10/33
[18] The Manger throne (C. Steggall) Rec. 8/7/27
[19] Lord it belongs not to thy care (Walford Davies) Rec. 8/7/30
[20] Coronation Offertorium of 1910:
O hearken thou unto the voice of my calling (Edward Elgar) Rec. 3/7/29
[21] National Anthem (arr. Caley) &
Psalm of thanksgiving On the occasion of the Kings recovery July 1929
(Allington & Walford Davies) Rec. 3/7/29

[10], [11], [14], [15] & [18] Directed by the Revd. Dr. Edmund H. Fellows.
[13], [16], [19], [20] & [21] Directed by Walford Davies. [17] Directed by Dr. William. H. Harris.
[10] Rec. in the Quire of St. George's Chapel. [14] Rec. in the Nave.
[11] [12] & [18] Rec. in the Nave with Chamber Organ.
[13] Rec. in the Nave of recently re-opened Chapel with rebuilt Walker-Rothwell organ
(rebuild Harrison's 1965).
[16] & [17] Rec. in the Quire of the re-opened Chapel with rebuilt Walker-Rothwell organ.
[19] Rec. in St. George's Hall.
[20] & [21] Rec. in St George's Hall with Father Willis organ (destroyed in the fire of 1992).
[10] - [21] Recorded by the Columbia Graphophone Company record catalogue numbers in italics


The recordings of the 1937 Coronation came from the collection of the later John Rothera of York. Recordings of the Choir of St George's Chapel, Windsor were kindly provided by David Michell of London, Colin Charnley of Warto n, Preston and Edward Jackson of Sunbury on Thames (a former chorister St George's), who also provided many of the photograph for the booklet. I am also grateful to the later two gentlemen for their interesting and informative articles. Douglas Carrington of Lythmn St. Anne's also provided invaluable documentary information relating to the 1937 Coronation.
Martin J. Monkman, Amphion Recordings, November, 2003

RELEASED 21/11/03

The Choir of York Minster Directed by Francis Jackosn Live & Session Recordings 1950-1976
Two CD set for the price of one Amphion CD - £12.50 inc U.K. p&p if ordered direct from Amphion
If purchased from other retail outlets this 2 CD set should be the price normally charge for one Amphion CD

Above: The Choir of York Minster, Easter Day 1966. Andrew Carter is fourth from the left, front row. Francis Jackson & Ronald Perrin (Assistant Organist) seated centre. John Rothera far right, front row.

CD ONE: The Choir of York Minster directed by Francis Jackson Session Recordings from E.M.I.'s An Anthology of English Church Music
[1] Magnificat in B flat - C. V. Stanford (1852-1924).Rec. 3/4/50
[2] Give us the wings of faith - Ernest Bullock (1890-1979). Rec. 1/2/52.
[3] O where shall wisdom be found - William Boyce (1711-1779). Rec. 1/2/52.
[4] Sing we Merrily - William Child (1606-1697). LX 1565. Rec. March 1951.
[5] Rejoice in the Lord alway - attr. John Redford (d. c.1547). Rec. March 1951.

Private live recordings made during services at York Minster
[6] Magnificat & [7] Nunc Dimittis in D - George Dyson (1883-1964). Rec. 1960.
[8] God is a Spirit - William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875). Rec. 17/5/59.
[9] Te Deum in E - Alan Gray (1855-1935). Rec. 1961.
[10] How bright these glorious spirits shine - Francis Jackson (b.1917). Rec. 1961.
[11] Gloria Deo per immensa saecula - Healey Willan (1880-1968). Rec. June 1964
[12] Miserere mei - William Byrd (1543-1623). Rec. 1/4/60.
[13] God liveth Still - J.S. Bach (1685-1750). Rec. 1/9/59.
[14] Wash me throughly - S.S. Wesley (1810-1876). Rec. 28/2/64.
[15] Blow ye the trumpet - Francis Jackson. Treble solo: Robin Walker. Rec. 8/3/64
.[16] Te Lucis ante terminum - Balfour Gardiner Rec. November 1962
.[1] to [5] Columbia 78 r.p.m. record catalogue numbers in italics
[1] - [3] Alan Wicks - organ
[1] - [5] Francis Jackson - conductor
All other organ accompaniments by Francis JacksonUnaccompanied items conducted by Francis Jackson

CD TWO: The Choir of York Minster directed by Francis Jackson Private live recordings made during services at York Minster
[1] Magnificat & [2] Nunc Dimittis in B minor - Tertius Noble (1867-1953). Rec. 1/11/55.
[3] Hodie Christus natus est - Francis Poulenc (1899-1963). Rec. Christmas Day 1963.
[4] Coventry Carol - Kenneth Leighton (1929-1988). Rec. 1965.
[5] In dulci jubilo arr. - Robert Pearsall (1795-1856). Rec. 1959.
[6] Blessed Virgins' cradle song - Edward Bairstow (1874-1946). Rec. 1959.
[7] A Spotless Rose - Herbert Howells (1892-1983). Rec. 6/1/56.
[8] Te Deum in C - Benjamin Britten (1913-1976). Rec. 9/8/64.
[9] O God thou hast cast us out - Henry Purcell (1659-1695). Rec. 1962.
[10] Gloria in excelsis deo - Thomas Weelkes (1576-1623). Rec. October 1963.
[11] Domine Jesu Christe - Francis Jackson. Rec. 1976.
[12] O bone Jesu - William Child (1606-1697). Rec. 12/11/63.
[13] Magnificat & [14] Nunc Dimittis in G - Francis Jackson. Rec. June 1963.
[15] Virga Jesse Floruit - Anton Bruckner (1824-1896). Rec. 1976.
[16] To my humble supplication - Gustav Holst (1874-1934). Rec. 16/5/65
[17] O taste and see how gracious the Lord is - Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). Rec. 9/8/64.
[18] Magnificat [5.07] & [19] Nunc Dimittis [2.56] in E flat No. 1 - Charles Wood (1866-1926). Rec. Whit Sunday 17/5/59.
Organ accompaniments by Francis Jackson Unaccompanied items conducted by Francis Jackson



Edward C Bairstow Choral Music The Choir of York Minster Directed by Francis Jackson
Live & Session Recordings 1956-1974

[1] Magnificat & [2] Nunc Dimittis in D Rec. November 1962.
[3] Jesu, grant me this Rec, 1956.
[4] Jesu the very thought
[5] Lord, I call upon thee
[6] Te Deum in D
[7] Let all mortal flesh keep silence
[8] I will wash my hands in innocency
[9] I sat down under his shadow
[10] Lord, thou hast been our refuge
[11] If the Lord had not helped me Rec. 1964.
[12] Benedicite in E flat Rec. 1958.
[13] Psalm 114 - When Israel came out of Egypt
[14] The Lamentation
[15] Blessed City, Heavenly Salem Rec 1965.
[3] - [10], [13] & [14] conducted by Francis Jackson.
[1] - [3], [11] & [12] private live recordings made by the late John Rothera during
services at the Minster. Organ accompaniments by Francis Jackson.
[15] from the tape collection of Andrew Carter of York, live recording. Organist - Francis Jackson.
[4] - [10] recorded 14 & 15 February 1974 by Peter Self & issued as part of
stereo vinyl L.P. record Cannon 4977. Organ accompaniments by Geoffrey Coffin.
[13] & [14] recorded 10 April 1966 by John Roden and issued on 7 inch vinyl E.P. record.
Organ accompaniments by Ronald Perrin.

Authoritative performances directed by Francis Jackson, Bairstow's most eminent pupil

Most of the tape recordings made by John Rothera of York (1916-1997) are now in the care of David Rogers of Doncaster, to whom I am grateful for their loan. An article about John Rothera by Francis Jackson appears in the booklet to Amphion PHI CD 184, see page 14 for details. The Rev. John Roden of York kindly provided the recordings on tracks 13 & 14, thanks also to Andrew Carter for the recording heard on track 15. The late Ramsey Silver of Banks Music Publications generously gave Amphion the Cannon master tapes, tracks 4 to 10.
Produced & digital restoration of recordings from master tapes by Martin Monkman, Amphion Recordings.

Released 6/9/04

Above: The Choir of York Minster, Easter Day 1966 the same days as track 13 & 14 were recorded. Andrew Carter is fourth from the left, front row. Francis Jackson & Ronald Perrin (Assistant Organist) seated centre. John Rothera far right, front row.

PHI CD 172: The Glory of the Temple Church Choir Directed by George Thalben-Ball
Recorded 1922-1935
King of Glory (Walford Davies) choir & organ. I waited for the Lord (Mendelssohn) Masters Ernest Lough & Ronald Mallett
O come everyone that thirsteth (Mendelssohn) Masters Ernest Lough & Ronald Mallett,
Messrs Alfred Capel Dixon (tenor), Frank Hastwell (bass). How lovely are the Messengers (Mendelssohn) choir & organ.
Lullay my liking (Terry) Master Denis Barthel with choir, G.T.B. - piano & There is no rose (G.T.B.)
Soloist A Capel Dixon, tenor. Unacc. with choir. See amid the winter's snow (Goss) & Christmas Lullaby
(arr. G.T.B.) Unacc. with choir; Soloists Master Denis Barthel & A. Capel Dixon, tenor.
O little town of Bethlehem (Walford Davies), Master Denis Barthel acc. George Thalben-Ball.
As pants the hart (Spohr) Master Thomas Meddings with choir & organ.
Lord it belongs not to my care (Walford Davies) Unaccompanied,conducted by George Thalben-Ball.
Jesu joy of man's desiring (J.S. Bach, arr. Allen) Choir, piano & oboe (Leon Goossens).
Blest are the departed (Spohr) Master Thomas Meddings with choir & organ.
He was despised (Handel) Master Denis Barthel with organ.
Remember now thy Creator* (Sterndale-Bennett) Masters Harold Langston & Denis Barthel with choir & organ.
Oh for a closer walk with God* (Spohr) Master Harold Langston with choir & organ.
If ye love me, keep my commandments* (Tallis) Unaccompanied, directed by H. Walford Davies, rec. 1922.
O filii et filiae (arr. Walford Davies) Masters Ernest Lough & Douglas Horton with choir & organ.
Lord God of Heaven & Earth (Spohr) Masters Thomas Meddings & Dennys Lake with choir & organ.
Angels ever bright and fair* (Handel) Master Harold Langston with organ.
Psalm 150 (Franck) Choir & organ. Hear my prayer (Mendelssohn) Master Ernest Lough with choir & organ. (1928)
The Heavens are telling (Haydn-Creation) choir & organ.
* = Previously unissued recordings

Ernest Lough & George Thalben-Ball
PHI CD 181: The Glory of the Temple Church Choir Volume Two Directed by George Thalben-Ball

& Carols for Christmas sung by The Templars' Male Voice Choir H.M.V. recordings 1927-1950

Insanae et vanae curae (Haydn)

How lovely is Thy dwelling place, from German Requiem (Brahms)

Mine eyes have seen the Glory (Walford Davies)

Hear ye, Israel (part 1) (Mendelssohn) Master Ernest Lough

O worship the King (Tune: Old 104th)

Turn back O man (Holst)

For all the Saints (Tune: Sine Nomine, Vaughan Williams)

St. Patrick's Prayer (Burke)

Jerusalem (Parry) Master Denis Barthel

Hallelujah from Christ at the Mount of Olives (Beethoven)

Lead me, Lord (Wesley) Soloists, Masters Ronald Mallett & Douglas Horton

Blessed be the God and Father (Wesley)

The Templars' Male Voice Choir conducted by A. Capel Dixon
Herbert Dawson - organ
Recorded 21 September & 12 October 1948

God rest ye merry, Gentlemen
A babe lies in the cradle
Christ was born on Christmas Day
While shepherds watched their flocks
Childing of a maiden
We three kings of Orient are
Christmas is coming / Wassail Carol
The Templars directed by George Thalben-Ball - piano & organ
Recorded 2 October 1950

Away in a Manger
The first Nowell
See amid the winter's snow
Unto us a Boy is born
Angels from the realms of Glory.
O little town of Bethlehem
The Twelve days of Christmas